2008 Basketball Highlights...

Sioux Falls Association of the Deaf hosted the William N. Fraser Memorial 63rd Annual Men's & 21st Annual Women's Basketball Tournament during March 13th - 15th, 2008 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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Men's Results

Champion: GSLAD
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Runner-up: Denver
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Third Place: Kansas City
Fourth Place: Sioux Falls
Fifth Place: MinnePaul "A"
Sixth Place: Lincoln "A"
Most Valuable Player: Chris Woodside, GSLAD
Individual Sportmanship: Ron Wyatt, GSLAD
Team Sportmanship: Sioux Falls "A"
Top Scorer Champion: Adam McDermott, MinnePaul "A" (81 pts)
Rebound Champion: Zach Phipps, Lincoln “A” (44 rebounds)
Assist Champion: Robin Shannon, Council Bluffs (13 assists); Jason Smith, MinnePaul “A" (13 assists); Harry Sherrell, MinnePaul “A” (13 assists)
Coach of Tournament: Stephen Foster, GSLAD
All-star: Adam McDermott, MinnePaul “A”; Robert Sims, Denver; Mack Weyers, Council Bluffs; Ron Wyatt, St. Louis; Jason Smith, MinnePaul “A”; Russell Hoover, Sioux Falls “B”; Shane Taina, Denver; Zach Phipps, Lincoln “A”; Chadwick Stevenson II, Kansas City; Robert Love, St. Louis

Women's Results

Champion: MinnePaul
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Runner-up: Olathe
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Third Place: Sioux Falls
Fourth Place: Omaha
Most Valuable Player:  Ronda Jo Miller, MinnePaul
Individual Sportmanship:  Ronda Jo Miller, MinnePaul
Team Sportmanship:  Omaha
Top Scorer:  Lisa McBee, Sioux Falls (72 points)
Rebound Champion:  Nada Thomas, Olathe (41 rebounds)
Assist Champion:  Michele Heise, MinnePaul (19 points)
Coach of Tournament:  Lorrie Shank, Olathe
All-star: Lisa McBee, Sioux Falls; Nada Thomas, Olathe; Alma Kandakai, MinnePaul; Michele Heise, MinnePaul; Amanda Huff, Olathe; Heidi Branch, Sioux Falls; Ronda Johnson, MinnePaul; Sara Smania, Sioux Falls; Fawnia Dieterich, Olathe; Sabrina Overlie, MinnePaul