Basketball Highlights...

Lincoln Association of the Deaf hosted the William N. Fraser Memorial 64th Annual Men's & 22nd Annual Women's Basketball Tournament during March 19th - 20th, 2009 in Lincoln, NE.

Results: Men's | Women's
Brackets: Men's | Women's
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Men's Results

Champion: Lincoln Black

Runner-up: MinnePaul "A"

Third Place: Sioux Falls
Fourth Place: Lincoln Redshirts
Most Valuable Player: Shane Taina, Lincoln Black
Individual Sportmanship: Ben Harris, Council Bluffs Silent Club
Team Sportmanship: Council Bluffs Silent Club
Top Average Scorer: Leland Bellard, MinnePaul A (21.0 points per game)
Top Average Rebound Champion: Adam McDermott, MinnePaul A (11.5 rebounds per game)
Top Average Assist Champion: Shane Taina, Lincoln Black (4.0 assits per game);
Coach of Tournament: Cris Christensen, Lincoln Black
All-star: Leland Bellard, MinnePaul A; Zach Phipps, Lincoln Redshirts;
Eric Grote, Lincoln Black; Robert Love, Lincoln Black; Matthew Sayler, Sioux Falls; Russell Hoover, Sioux Falls; Jason Smith, MinnePaul A
Scott Nelson, Lincoln Black; Adam McDermott, MinnePaul A; Nick Huntimer, Sioux Falls

Women's Results

Champion: Omaha

Runner-up: Sioux Falls

Third Place: Lincoln
Most Valuable Player: Rachel Nemmers, Omaha
Individual Sportmanship:  Sara Smania, Sioux Falls
Team Sportmanship: Sioux Falls
Top Average Scorer:  Rachel Nemmers, Omaha (17.7 points per game)
Top Average Rebound Champion:  Leslie Burd, Sioux Falls (6.25 rebounds per game)
Top Average Assist Champion: Rachel Nemmers, Omaha (5.7 assists per game)
Coach of Tournament:  Jim Dougherty, Omaha
All-star: Mollie Easter, Omaha; Leslie Burd, Sioux Falls; Misty Leber, Sioux Falls; Maria Fosheim, Sioux Falls; Victoria Secor, Omaha; Kristina Lorenzo, Omaha; Sarah Brown, Omaha; Stacy Tiahart, Sioux Falls; Jada Hart, Sioux Falls; Heather Nurse, Omaha