2016 Basketball Highlights...

Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf hosted the William N. Fraser Memorial 71st Annual Men's & 29th Annual Women's Basketball Tournament during March 10-12, 2016, in Kansas City, MO

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Men's Results

Champion: MinnePaul
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Runner-Up: Olathe Kings
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Third Place: LAD Star City
Fourth Place: Kansas Creepers
Fifth Place: St. Louis Storm
Sixth Place: Omaha Outlaws

Most Valuable Player: Zach Phipps, MinnePaul
Individual Sportsmanship: Lee Taylor, Olathe
Team Sportsmanship: Kansas Creepers
Top Average Scorer: Kenny Smith, Omaha - 22.8 ave
Top Average Rebound Champion: Christopher Bedeau, Kansas - 10.2 ave
Top Average Assist Champion: Leland Bellard, MinnePaul - 4.8 ave
Coach of the Tournament: Jason Smith, MinnePaul
All Stars: Lee Taylor, Olathe; Justin Carter, MinnePaul; KiJuan Moore, Olathe; Clarence Minnehall, Olathe; Mack Weyers, LAD; Moises Arteaga, MinnePaul; Kenny Smith, Omaha; Travis Trumble, Kansas; Leland Bellard, MinnePaul; Jonathan Scherling, LAD Mack Weyers, LAD Star City; Gene Leonard, Faribault; Kenneth Gentzke III, Kansas Creepers; Leland Belland, MinnePaul

Women's Results

Champion: Omaha Eagles
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Runner-Up: Olathe Minx
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Most Valuable Player: Beth Chadwick, Omaha
Individual Sportsmanship: Beth Chadwick, Omaha
Team Sportsmanship: Olathe
Top Average Scorer: Beth Chadwick, Omaha - 15.0 ave
Top Average Rebound Champion: Beth Chadwick, Omaha - 8.0 ave
Top Average Assist Champion: Renae Park, Omaha - 3.0 ave
Coach of the Tournament: Fred Ivins, Omaha
All Stars: Rachel Nemmers, Omaha; Maureen O’Conner, Olathe; Kiley Peterson, Omaha; Kimberly Cain, Olathe; Renae Park, Omaha