2007 Softball Highlights...

Greater St. Louis Association of the Deaf hosted the John L. Buckmaster Memorial 49th Annual Men's, 26th Annual Women's & 9th Annual Co-ed's Slo-Pitch Regional Softball Tournament during July 19 th - 21st, 2007 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Results: Men's | Women's | Coed's
Brackets: Men's | Women's | Coed's
Stats: Men's | Women's | Coed's

Men's Results

Champion: Denver SAC

Runner-up: GSLAD Roosters
Third Place: Olathe
Fourth Place: Sioux Falls
Fifth Place: Omaha
MVP: John Ramirez, Denver SAC
Manager of the Tournament: John Werner, Denver SAC
Individual Sportmanship: Anthony Golden, Olathe
Team Sportsmanship: GSLAD Roosters
Batting Champion: Tracy Waddell, Olathe - .714
RBI Champion: John Ramirez, Denver SAC - 24
Most Homerun: John Ramirez, Denver SAC - 4
Golden Glove: Dean Muszynski, Olathe
All-Star: Mark Smith, GSLAD Roosters; Tracy Waddell, Olathe;
David Gaz, Denver SAC; Jeff Branch, Sioux Falls; David Ramirez, Denver SAC; Charles Trumble, Olathe; Bryan Burdiss, GSLAD Roosters; Kevin Kelly, Denver SAC; Andy Stone, Denver SAC; Chester Kuschminder, Olathe

Women's Results

Champion: Midwest Runnin' Rebels

Runner-up: GSLAD Humblebees
Third Place: Denver SAC
Fourth Place: Omaha
Fifth Place: Olathe
MVP: Lynda Stevens, Midwest Runnin' Rebels
Manager of the Tournament: Shirley Corbett, GSLAD Humblebees
Individual Sportmanship: Marla Hansen, Midwest Runnin' Rebels
Team Sportsmanship: Omaha Pink Huskeras
Batting Champion: Lynda Stevens, Midwest Runnin' Rebels - .905
RBI Champion: Mollie Easter, Midwest Runnin' Rebels - 20
Most Homerun: Mollie Easter, Midwest Runnin' Rebels - 3
Golden Glove: Mary Baker, Midwest Runnin' Rebels
All-Star: Marla Hansen, Midwest Runnin' Rebels; Lisa McBee, GSLAD Humblebees; Mollie Easter, Midwest Runnin' Rebels;
Fawnia Dieterich, Midwest Runnin' Rebels; Grace Laughrey, Midwest Runnin' Rebels; Julie Petersen, GSLAD Humblebees; Kimberly Edwards-Gorman, Denver SAC; Haley Solomon, GSLAD Humblebees; Mary Baker, Midwest Runnin' Rebels; Misty Leber, Denver SAC

Coed's Results

Champion: O.I.T.

Runner-up: MinnePaul
Third Place: Council Bluffs
Fourth Place: St. Louis Bell Club "Gold"
Fifth Place: St. Louis Bell Club "Blue"
MVP: Troy Shamblen, OIT; Katherine Meisel, MinnePaul
Manager of the Tournament: Tony Nacarelli, OIT
Individual Sportmanship: Michael Paasch, OIT; Susan Larrison, CBSC
Team Sportsmanship: MinnePaul
Batting Champion: Darren Matzker, St. Louis Bell Club "Gold" - .700; Katherine Meisel, MInnePaul - .500
RBI Champion: Jake Lingle, MinnePaul - 14; Katherine Meisel, MinnePaul - 5; Nicky Finck, OIT - 5
Most Homerun: Lance Gonzales, MinnePaul - 4; Nicky Finck, OIT - 1
Golden Glove: Troy Shamblen, OIT; Amy Seibert, MinnePaul
All-Star (male): Craig Burgesen, St. Louis Bell Club "Gold";
Jordan Borgulia, CBSC; Lance Gonzales, MinnePaul;
Nathaniel DeLancey, OIT; Ryan Kinney, OIT
All-Star (female): Nicky Finck, OIT; Katherine Meisel, MinnePaul; Barbara Nacarelli, OIT; Amy Seibert, MinnePaul
Susan Larrison, CBSC