2009 Softball Highlights...

MAAD hosted the Deaf hosted the John L. Buckmaster Memorial 51st Annual Men's, 28th Annual Women's & 11th Annual Co-ed's Slo-Pitch Regional Softball Tournament during July 16-17, 2009 in Olathe, Kansas.

Results: Men's | Women's | Coed's
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Stats: Men's | Women's | Coed's

Men's Results

Champion: Olathe Twisters

Runner-up: Sioux Falls
Third Place: MinnePaul Faribault
Fourth Place: Omaha
Fifth Place: St. Louis Warriors
Sixth Place: Columbia
MVP: Ron Wyatt, Olathe Twisters
Manager of the Tournament: Tracy Waddell, Olathe Twisters
Individual Sportmanship: Adam Davis, Columbia
Team Sportsmanship: MinnePaul Faribault
Batting Champion: Ron Wyatt, Olathe Twisters - .875
RBI Champion: Ron Wyatt, Olathe Twisters - 15
Most Homerun: Curt Anderson, Sioux Falls - 4
Golden Glove: Jacob Browning, Sioux Falls
All-Star: Curt Anderson, Sioux Falls; Scott Bradley, Olathe; Calvin Rausch, Sioux Falls; David Gaz, Olathe; Matt Larrison, Omaha; Lance Gonalez, MinnePaul Faribault; Andy Stone, Olathe; Jacob Browning, Sioux Falls; Lorenzo Townsend, St. Louis; Calvin Christensen, Omaha

Women's Results

Champion: Olathe Twisters

Runner-up: St. Louis Humblebees
Third Place: Council Bluffs FlyingKhicks
Fourth Place: Denver
MVP: Honesty Powell, Olathe Twisters
Manager of the Tournament: Lori Earls, Olathe Twisters
Individual Sportmanship: Heather Nurse, Council Bluffs FlyingKhicks
Team Sportsmanship: Council Bluffs FlyingKhicks
Batting Champion: Honesty Powell, Olathe Twisters - .529
RBI Champion: Honesty Powell, Olathe Twisters and Sandra Gross, St. Louis Humblebees - 11
Most Homerun: Julie Peterson, St. Louis Humblebees
Golden Glove: Sue Held, St. Louis Humblebees
All-Star: Colleen Baird, Denver; Misty Leber, Denver; Akiyo Holder, Olathe Twisters; Victoria Secor, Council Bluffs FlyingKhicks; Sandra Gross, St. Louis Humblebees; Amanda Fick, Council Bluffs FlyingKhicks; Brandi Green, Olathe Twisters; Staci Lieberman, St. Louis Humblebees; Julie Peterson, St. Louis Humblebees; Lisa McBee, St. Louis Humblebees

Coed's Results

Champion: Minnesota DeafJacks

Runner-up: Omaha/Akadema
Third Place: Columbia
Fourth Place: Wichita
MVP: Stephen Wangberg, Minnesota DeafJacks; Jessica Howe, Minnesota DeafJacks
Manager of the Tournament: Dennis Walter, Minnesota DeafJacks
Individual Sportmanship: William Brown, Columbia; Marla Hansen, Omaha/Akadema
Team Sportmanship: Wichita
Batting Champion: Frank Davis, Wichita; Tony Nacarelli, Omaha/Akadema - .727; Jessica Howe, Minnesota DeafJacks - .684
RBI Champion: Joshua Tape, Minnesota DeafJacks - 16; Marla Hansen - Omaha/Akadema - 8
Most Homerun: Bradley Vickers, Jr., Columbia - 4; None for Female
Golden Glove: Ralph Schmit, Minnesota DeafJacks; Katherine Meisel, Minnesota DeafJacks
All-Star (male): Frank Davis, Jr., Wichita; Tony Nacarelli, Omaha/Akadema; Ralph Schmit, Minnesota DeafJack; Bradley Vickers, Jr., Columbia; Joshua Tape, Minnesota DeafJacks
All-Star (female): Nicky Finck, Omaha/Akadema; Katherine Meisel, Minnesota DeafJacks; Norlian Vickers, Columbia; Marla Hansen, Omaha/Akadema; Rosemary Goodman, Minnesota DeafJacks