2010 Softball Highlights...

MAAD hosted the Deaf hosted the John L. Buckmaster Memorial 52nd Annual Men's, 29th Annual Women's & 12th Annual Co-ed's Slo-Pitch Regional Softball Tournament during July 22-24, 2010 in Sioux City, IA (hosted by Omaha Association of the Deaf).

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Homerun Derby Results

Women HR Derby Winner: Nicky Finck
Men HR Derby Winner: Bradley Vickers, Jr

Men's Results

Champion: Sioux Falls Blue Sox

Runner-up: Midwest Express
Third Place: Olathe Twister
Fourth Place: Faribault
Fifth Place: Columbia
MVP: Jacob Browning, Sioux Falls Blue Sox
Manager of the Tournament: James Johnson, Sioux Falls Blue Sox
Individual Sportmanship: Kyle Kuschmider, Olathe
Team Sportsmanship: Olathe Twister
Batting Champion: Ron Wyatt, Midwest Express - .846
RBI Champion: Shane Vernon, Midwest Express - 22
Most Homerun: Ron Wyatt, Midwest Express - 5
Golden Glove: Shane Vernon, Midwest Express
All-Star: Shane Tania, Midwest Express; Ron Wyatt, Midwest Express; Pat Kuehn, Midwest Express; Shane Vernon, Midwest Express; Mike Weisner, Olathe Twister; Andrew Goure, Olathe Twister; Jay Mitchell, Sioux Falls Blue Sox; Nick Huntimer, Sioux Falls Blue Sox; Shaun Whitney, Sioux Falls Blue Sox; Jonathan Scherling, Sioux Falls Blue Sox

Women's Results

Champion: Olathe Twister

Runner-up: Council Bluffs Fly Khicks
Third Place: GSLAD Humblebees
MVP: Honesty Powell, Olathe Twisters
Manager of the Tournament: LaDonna Snyder, Olathe Twisters
Individual Sportmanship: Mollie Easter, Fly Khicks
Team Sportsmanship: Council Bluffs Fly Khicks
Batting Champion: Mollie Easter, Fly Khicks 1.000
RBI Champion: Mollie Easter, Fly Khicks - 23
Most Homerun: Mollie Easter, Fly Khicks - 6
Golden Glove: JeeAnna Huber, GSLAD Humblebees
All-Star: Mollie Easter, Fly Khicks; Shannon VanFocken, Fly Khicks; Jada Hart, Fly Khicks; Rene Schoeffler, GSLAD Humblebees; Lee Jackson, GSLAD Humblebees; Sara Smania, GSLAD Humblebees; Josey Roberts-Starger, Olathe Twisters; Johanna Laughrey, Olathe Twisters; Brittany Trumble, Olathe Twisters; Akiyo Holder, Olathe Twisters

Coed's Results

Champion: Omaha/ECA

Runner-up: Deaf Jacks
Third Place: Son of Pitches
Fourth Place: Columbia
Fifth Place: Council Bluffs
Sixth Place: St. Louis Bell Club
MVP: Chris Woodside, Omaha/ECA; Marla Hansen, Omaha ECA
Manager of the Tournament: James Buettner
Individual Sportmanship: Rusty Davis, St. Louis Bell Club; Gina Grabher, Son of Pitches
Team Sportmanship: St. Louis Bell Club
Batting Champion: Jack Lieberman, St. Louis Bell Club - .900; Marla Hansen, Omaha/ECA - .600
RBI Champion: Joshua Tape, Deaf Jacks - 31; Norlian Vickers, Columbia - 9
Most Homerun: Joshua Tape, Deaf Jacks - 5; None for female
Golden Glove: Dennis Walter, Deaf Jacks; Katherine Meisel, Deaf Jacks
All-Star (male): Bradley Vickers, Columbia; Shane Winkenwader, Son of Pitches, Michael Paasch, Omaha/ECA; Joshua Tape, Deaf Jacks; Dustin Indahl, Deaf Jacks
All-Star (female): Cindy Morrow, St. Louis Bell Cub; Sammi Ruhland, Deaf Jacks; Karen Lister, Omaha/ECA; Gina Grabher, Son of Pitches, Staci Lieberman, St. Louis Bell Club