2012 Softball Highlights...

Olathe Club of the Deaf hosted the Deaf hosted the John L. Buckmaster Memorial 54th Annual Men's, 31st Annual Women's & 14th Annual Co-ed's Slo-Pitch Regional Softball Tournament during July 12-14, 2012 in Shawnee, KS.

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Men's Results

Champion: Sioux Falls/CSD Blue Sox
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Runner-up: Faribault Norsemen
Third Place: Olathe Reapers
Fourth Place: Olathe Mudcats
Fifth Place: Wichita
MVP: Ronnie Robinson, Sioux Falls/CSD Blue Sox
Manager of the Tournament: Ronald Hill, Faribault Norsemen
Individual Sportmanship: Eric Diaz, Wichita
Team Sportsmanship: Faribault Norsemen
Batting Champion: Curt Anderson, CSD - .789
RBI Champion: JaColby Anderson, CSD - 19
Most Homerun: Ron Wyatt, CSD - 4;Brian Van Bavel, Olathe Reapers - 4;Brian Fruits, CSD - 4
Golden Glove: John Juergens, CSD
All-Star: Ron Wyatt, CSD; Curt Anderson, CSD; C. T. Karnowski, CSD; Joe Neely, Faribault Norsemen; Steven Hubmer, Faribault; Charles Trumble, Olathe Reapers; Mike Wiesner, Olathe Reapers; Lorenzo Townsend, Olathe Reapers; Willie Miller, Faribault; Travis Trumble, Olathe Mudcats

Coed's Results

Champion: NEWB
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Runner-up: DeafJacks
Third Place: Columbia
Fourth Place: St. Louis Bell Club
Fifth Place: Junkyard Dawgs
Sixth Place: Sioux Falls
Seventh Place: GSLAD Mavens
Eighth Place: Olathe
Ninth Place:
MVP: Male – Matthew Taylor, NEWB; Female – Kristina Lorenzo – Arteaga, NEWB
Manager of the Tournament: Kristina Lorenzo-Arteaga, NEWB
Individual Sportmanship: Male – James Saunders, Sioux Falls; Female – Stele Hawkins, Olathe
Team Sportmanship: Sioux Falls
Batting Champion: Male – Jonathan Arteaga, Columbia .889; Female – Candice Arteaga, Columbia .818
RBI Champion: Male – Shane Winkenwader, NEWB 20; Female – Aubrey Brynes, Sioux Falls 9
Most Homerun: Male – Brad Vickers, Jr, Columbia 5; Female – Becky Davis, Columbia 2
Golden Glove: Male – Jonathan Corbett, GSLAD; Female – Tami Richardson-Nelson, St. Louis
All-Star (male): Brad Vickers, Jr, Columbia; Cory Davis, St. Louis; Shane Winkenwader, NEWB; Dustin Indahl, Deaf Jacks; Mark Smith, Junkyard Dawgs
All-Star (female): Aubrey Brynes, Sioux Falls; Michelle Heathington, NEWB; Becky Davis, Columbia; Jenn Hume, Deaf Jacks; Tabitha Dieterich, Columbia