2013 Softball Highlights...

Faribault Deaf Club hosted the Deaf hosted the John L. Buckmaster Memorial 55th Annual Men's, 32nd Annual Women's & 15th Annual Co-ed's Slo-Pitch Regional Softball Tournament during July 11-13, 2013 in Faribault, MN.

Results: Men's | Coed's
Stats: Men's | Coed's
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Men's Results

Champion: CSD Blue Sox
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Second Place: Grenade Kingz
Third Place: Faribault Norsemen
Fourth Place: 1977 Nat’l Football Champ
Fifth Place: Wild Boys
MVP: Jacoby Anderson, CSD Blue Sox
Manager of the Tournament: Steve Corbett, Grenade Kingz
Individual Sportmanship: Jason Braden, Faribault
Team Sportsmanship: 1977 Football National Championship
Batting Champion: Matthew Taylor, Grenade Kingz .857
RBI Champion: Sean Kelly, Faribault 20
Most Homerun: Dustin Indahl, Grenade Kingz 4
Golden Glove: Brian Busho, Faribault
All-Star: Shawn Whitney, CSD Blue Sox; Ron Wyatt, CSD Blue Sox; Jacob Browning, CSD Blue Sox; Curt Anderson, CSD Blue Sox; Jay Haar, Grenade Kingz; Nick Foster, Grenade Kingz; Matthew Taylor, Grenade Kingz; Dustin Indahl, Grenade Kingz; Brian Busho, Faribault; Sean Kelly, Faribault

Coed's Results

Champion: Midwest Maulers
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Second Place: ECA
Third Place: Dakota Hot Sluggers
Fourth Place: St. Cloud
Fifth/Sixth Place: Midwest Underdogs
Fifth/Sixth Place: Kirkwood Station
Seventh/Eigth Place: Orange Sox (Council Bluffs)
Seventh/Eigth Place: Olathe Outlaws
MVP: Male – Josh Tape, Midwest Maulers; Female – Norlain Vickers, Midwest Maulers
Manager of the Tournament: Kristina Lorenzo-Arteaga, Midwest Maulers
Individual Sportmanship: Male – Albert Lorenzo, Midwest Maulers;
Female – Tami Richardson-Nelson, Midwest Underdogs
Team Sportmanship: Kirkwood Station
Batting Champion: Male – Bradley Vickers, Jr., Midwest Maulers (.800); Female – Nicky Finck, Dakota Hot Sluggers (.643)
RBI Champion: Male – Josh Tape, Midwest Maulers (26);
Female – Honesty Powell, ECA (14)
Most Homerun: Male – Josh Tape/Bradley Vickers, Jr., Midwest Maulers (6); Female – Marla Hansen, Dakota Hot Sluggers (1)
Golden Glove: Male – Jordon Hudson-Borgalia, ECA; Female – Jennifer Hume, ECA
All-Star (male): Aaron Klein, Midwest Maulers; Bradley Vickers, Jr., Midwest Maulers; Bryan Burdiss, ECA; Jordan Hudson-Borgalia, ECA; Matthew Sayler, Dakota Hot Sluggers
All-Star (female): Katie Wangberg, Midwest Maulers; Kristina Lorenzo-Arteage, Midwest Maulers; Jennifer Hume, ECA; Honesty Powell, ECA; Nicky Finck, Dakota Hot Sluggers