2015 Softball Highlights...

Sioux Falls Association of the Deaf hosted the John L. Buckmaster Memorial 57th Annual Men's, 34th Annual Women's & 17th Annual Co-ed's Slo-Pitch Regional Softball Tournament during July 9-11 in Olathe, KS.

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Coed's Results

Champion: Midwest Maulers

Runner Up: Ruthless

Third Place: 10 For The Win
Fourth Place: Wichita Tornadoes
Fifth Place: Midwest Storm
Sixth Place: Sioux Falls Blue Storm
Seventh Place: Worldventures
Eighth Place: Midwest Underdogs
Ninth Place: Olathe Outlaws
Most Valuable Player: Male - Albert Lorenzo, Midwest Maulers; Female - Mollie Easter, Midwest Maulers
Batting Champion: Male - Charles Trumble, Ruthless .950; Female - Mollie Easter, Midwest Maulers .750
RBI Champion: Male - Mike Wiesner, Ruthless - 19; Female - Honesty Powell, Ruthless - 7
Most Homeruns: Male - Charles Trumble, Ruthless - 2; Mike Wiesner, Ruthless - 2; Travis Trumble, Ruthless - 2; Female - none
Individual Sportsmanship: Male - Albert Lorenzo, Midwest Maulers; Female - Kristy Mnich, Ruthless
Team Sportsmanship: Midwest Storm
Manager of the Tournament: Keith Trumble, Ruthless
All Star Male: Mike Wiesner, Ruthless; Troy Shamblen, Midwest Maulers; Bradley Vickers, Midwest Maulers; Mark Smith, 10 for the Win; Charles Trumble, Ruthless
All Star Female: Amanda Whyrick, Ruthless; Kristina Lorenzo-Arteaga, Midwest Maulers; Candance Woodside, 10 for the Win; Whitney Riney, Wichita Tornadoes; Jennifer Hume, Ruthless